Can you Delete the GMX Account from Smartphone? | Detailed Tutorial

GMX it stands for Global Mail Exchange. Gmx is a webmail service, which is free of cost. Gmx can be access via webmail as well as via POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. In 1997 a stock listed company in Germany introduced Gmx. It is available in 4 different languages- German, English, Spanish, French.

Key features of Gmx are as follows:

  • Mail collector
  • Address book
  • Organizer
  • File storage

Advantage of Gmx

  • Gmx is, each user can register ( can have) up to 10 individual Gmx email addresses or accounts.
  • It is absolutely free of cost.
  • It gives you assurance of virus and spam protection.
  • For files and mails, it gives your drop and drag facility.
  • The vast number of users.

Disadvantage of Gmx

  • The biggest disadvantage of Gmx is there are lots of advertisements.
  • Its inbox is divided into so many windows, where most of them are having advertisements hosting Gmx other services with other companies advertisement too.
  • It makes it hard to find the genuine inbox of the mail.
  • Makes the mail looks cluttered.
  • It does have out of date format.

Why GMX is used?

In Gmx users will get the pop-up advertisement during login either it is a premium account or not. It is the only email service which supports pop up advertisement. Today millions of people are using the Gmx account. Gmx is not that popular email service, but it does fulfill of basic needs of the webmail services. It does give the feature of contacts, organizers, and more.

Why did people want to delete the Gmx account?

The main drawback of the Gmx is the lot of advertisements provided in the mail service. This might keep the user confused to select the relevant option which he/ she was willing to choose. Some of the users do not want such kind of unnecessary advertisements over there screen which makes them distracted. Most of the time the advertisement is irrelevant for the user.
And by that reason sometimes people got irritated and wanted to switch there account from Gmx.

People who used to keep everything arranged for them this can be a bit difficult because most of the time the Gmx seems to be cluttered and looks so untidy especially for the person who hates such untidy things and love to keep everything arranged. Though it’s software is too outdated thus user might think to delete its account. In such cases, you might wish to delete your Gmx account.

How can you get rid of the GMX account?

  • Step1: go to the home and my account icon.
  • Step2: on the left bottom side go to the delete account option.
  • Step3: select the delete account.
  • Step4: Verify your account and password.
  • Step5: click on the Save changes.
  • Step6: congratulation! Your Gmx account is deleted.

Due to some security reasons, your email will not be active for a year. This means the same email cannot be used for another Gmx account for a year.

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